The Introduction; #theadventuresofPennyLane

“Last glass of wine in America? #JFK #theadventuresofPennyLane”

One of the most amazing aspects of being a production coordinator on an international travel and real estate television show, is that I get to virtually travel all over the world. The chance to discover new cities and towns from Buenos Aires to Melbourne, is incredible. In my first month alone, I worked in Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia from my office in New York City.

The most amazing aspect of coordinating an international travel and real estate show is that I get to actually travel all over the world. I was told at my company holiday party three years ago that I was being sent out into the field on my first shoot. Ostuni, Italy. I was ecstatic (WINE, ALL THE WINE)! And terrified. For a couple of reasons…

a) At the time, I had traveled outside the US once to the Dominican Republic for a friend’s wedding. One stamp in my passport. That was six years earlier. Noob didn’t even begin to describe my travel experience.

and then I realized…

b) I don’t speak Italian!! How am I to do my job if I can’t talk to people? My production manager had to talk me off the ledge a few times before I got in the car that took me to the airport. And, yes I consumed a fare amount of wine at JFK before take off.

But that was where the hashtag that would start my journey (in more ways than one) was born. Three glasses of ridiculously over-priced red wine later and I was aboard my second ever international flight, to Italy. Traveling can be absolutely terrifying, but the experiences and the people you meet along the way are priceless.

This blog will be about my travels and adventures. Providing my professional opinion on how best to organize a trip to remove the anxiety of traveling to a country/state/city for the first time. As a production coordinator one of my many responsibilities, is to plan and organize the logistics to travel a crew from A to B safely, quickly and legally. I have worked on over 50 episodes, in 24 countries, on six continents (I see you, Antarctica), some from afar and some in person. So, I know some things…

Have a wonderful holiday and a safe New Year, fellow travelers! I’ll see you in 2017…


Piazza della Liberta di Ostuni, Italy

One thought on “The Introduction; #theadventuresofPennyLane

  1. Trevor

    My wife and in laws watch your show religiously. We all think it’s pretty neat that I know someone involved in it. Of course I had to pull out an “old” year book to prove it, but hey. Enjoy your travels, enjoy your experiences, and make memories to last forever. Traveling is fun once you get past the fears of the unknown.


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