#tips&tricks; what to bring onboard

So you’ve got your airplane outfit planned, what’s next? Whether you’re checking a bag or carrying on, the bag you bring onboard that goes under your seat is critical to comfort and happiness on a flight. I like to think of this bag as my survival bag; anything I need to survive a flight, whether it’s 3 hours or 13 hours, is in that bag. Of course your carry-on is available to you, however nothing worse that watching a movie or taking a nap and the asshole on the aisle rummaging through their bag above you trying to find something. I pride myself on being an easy-going, courteous, spatially aware, traveller. It only takes that one time and that one fellow traveller to ruin your flight, thus getting your trip off to an unfortunate start. Be that courteous passenger for yourself and everyone around you!

The bag itself should be tote-bag or backpack sized. Nothing too large or the flight attendants will make you put it overhead.


What should you pack in this bag of magic tricks? Here are some ideas…

  • blanket
  • eye-shades
  • headphones / earbuds
  • wet wipes / makeup removing wipes
  • toothbrush & toothpaste*
  • book, kindle, magazines
  • ipad*
  • tissues
  • gum
  • usb charging chord
  • Advil
  • tampons
  • face moisturizer / hand moisturizer*
  • chapstick / lip gloss*
  • socks
  • pen
  • extra hair-ties
  • nail file**
  • bottle of water, that you got after you went through security

*Be mindful of liquid product sizes, including creams, as all airlines still only allow 3.4 oz also, some flights to the Middle East from US and UK, now have electronic restrictions, be aware of the carry-on restrictions before you pack
**DO NOT do your nails on the plane, but in case you break, you have a file to fix


If you’re checking a bag and making a connection, where you bag remains checked the entire way to your final destination, pack a change of clothes or at the least a pair of underwear. I know that sounds ridiculous, but should your bag not make it to your final destination with you, at least you have a spare outfit or spare pair of knickers to hold you over. If you’re going to a tropical location, pack your bathing suit as well. Worse case scenario, you hang out in the pool until your luggage arrives!

Some products I love and bring with me everywhere I go…

  • Lip Medex – best chapstick ever
  • BumBum Cream – thick and hydrating, with a slight shimmer and it smells amazing
  • Moroccan Oil – I flatiron my hair daily, so helps to hydrate my ends
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer – I fill in my brows, so I always keep an extra on hand to fix any smudges created by my sleep mask (nothing worse than walking through the airport with only one eyebrow)

Most of your favorite beauty products can be found in travel sizes at my favorite store on the planet, Sephora. I’ll get into all the wonderful products and makeup I take on my trips (yup, even work trips) in another post, but I thought this would be a good start!

Happy Travels! {pL}

#tips&tricks are little extras about random travel things you may not think of before you go on your next adventure. Any questions, message me;  erica {at} breakingheadsproductions {dot} com.


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